Processing of personal data

Tallinn Fairytale Kindergarten’s data protection conditions
Tallinn Fairytale Kindergarten is guided by valid laws and regulations governing the processing of personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation, the Republic of Estonia Personal Data Protection Act, the Republic of Estonia Public Information Act, and the data protection requirements of the City of Tallinn.
The purpose of personal data processing is to enable early childhood education, provide child care, and carry out schooling and educational activities. When providing early childhood education, providing child care, and carrying out schooling and educational activities, the kindergarten processes personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill these objectives in accordance with the Republic of Estonia Preschool Child Care Institutions Act and legislation issued on the basis thereof. To achieve its objectives, the kindergarten processes the following data: data regarding children, data regarding parents, and data regarding employees.
The legal bases for relevant data processing are as follows:
- performance of a public task – tasks arising from the Republic of Estonia Preschool Child Care Institutions Act and other legislation applicable to kindergartens;
- performance of a contract - employment contracts, economic contracts;
- legal obligation – accounting-related data processing;
- consent.
To view the consent form and data protection conditions click CONSENT FOR THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA
To provide educational services, the kindergarten uses the educational service management information system ELIIS. As a regular user, an individual can access the register as regarding their own and their child's data at
Letters (both received and sent by the institution) are registered in the EKIS public module document register.
The kindergarten does not share personal data with third parties, unless the parent has given consent thereto, it is required by law, it is required so to provide schooling and educational support services or to stand up for children's rights.

Processing of personal data when applying for a job or internship
When an individual applies for a job or internship at a city institution, the institution proceeds from information disclosed by the candidate or obtained from public sources.
The candidate has the right to know which data has been collected about them and to provide clarifications and objections.
Recruitment of candidates is organized by a human resources employee or a person doing HR work in the city's institutions. The data of participants in a recruitment competition will not be disclosed to other candidates and persons who are not participating in the specific recruitment and selection process. All persons involved in the recruitment process keep confidential any information obtained (application documents submitted in writing or electronically) and collected about candidates.
We assume that the applicant has given consent to the referrers presented in the application documents to answer questions about the applicant, and that the referrers have also agreed to be contacted by the institution for information.
We expect that applicants and other participants in the process are interested in giving us feedback about the recruitment process through an anonymous feedback questionnaire which will help us improve our recruitment activities and make them more customer-centric. The feedback questionnaire has been prepared in line with data protection requirements.
We retain the data of candidates that are not selected to resolve possible legal disputes arising within the recruitment process until relevant claim expires (one year). With the consent of the candidate, we store the candidate's data for the period agreed with the candidate in order to propose participation in competitions organized in the future.
Candidates’ data constitutes access-restricted information which third parties can access only in cases provided by law.
If you apply for an internship with us, the same requirements regarding the processing of personal data apply as when applying for a job.
The tasks of the kindergarten’s data protection specialist are performed by the data protection specialist of the City Secretary's Office of Tallinn City Office. The city's data protection specialist can be contacted by e-mailing
Tallinn Fairytale Kindergarten's data protection officer that can be contacted to resolve the kindergarten's data protection issues and to exercise your rights, is the Acting Head of the kindergarten Anna Larionova,