Services and prices

Services and prices

Catering fee
The parent covers the cost of their child's meals in the child care institution.
• The catering fee is 2,70 euros per day in nursery school and 3.00 euros per day in kindergarten (Minutes No. 
1-3/11 p1 of the Meeting of Board of Trustees; 8.12.2022).
• The cost of a catered day is decided by the kindergarten’s Board of Trustees.
• If a family's net income per family member is less than 95.87 euros, they can apply for a discount on the cost of a catered day for their children who are registered in the population register as Tallinn residents (basis: Tallinn City Council Regulation No. 7; Mar 4, 2004).
Families whose monthly income per family member is less than 95.87 euros can apply for a discounted catering fee. The application should be submitted to the Head of the kindergarten in the first week of September and January. Documents proving the family's income must be annexed to the subsidy application.

As from September 1, 2017, the City of Tallinn pays the cost of a catered day for children in kindergarten.

Pursuant to Tallinn City Council Regulation No. 17 of September 7, 2017, Tallinn covers the cost of a catered day for a child in kindergarten up to a set maximum amount (nursery school - 2,70 euros; kindergarten, combined group - 3.00 euros). The cost of a catered day in our kindergarten does not exceed the established maximum amount and, consequently, the City of Tallinn pays for catered days for children in our kindergarten. The discount applies starting from September 1 and only for children whose residence is noted as Tallinn in the population register.

Own contribution

As from January 1, 2023, the rate of the parents’ own contribution for their children in municipal preschool institutions is 
is as follows:
88,45 euros per child per month 
As from January 1, 2023, for residents of the City of Tallinn, the parents’ own contribution is a total of 71.25 euros (place fee 88,45 euros - support for Tallinn resident 17,20 euros = 71.25 euros).

• The parents’ own contribution must be paid by a parent for the current month to relevant child care institution's income account.
• During temporary closure of the child care institution (repair of premises, collective leave of employees, etc.), the parents’ own contribution is paid proportionally to the time the child care institution is open.
• If a parent is not able to pay the parents’ own contribution in full, they should submit a corresponding application to the child care institution.

For information materials on completing the application form for exemption from payment of the parents’ own contribution, go to 

Tallinn Fairytale Kindergarten’s invoices are prepared by Tallinn Education Department's II sector accounting department. Parents receive invoices by e-mail or, if they do not have an e-mail address, from their child’s group’s teacher.

Rooms for rent
The kindergarten’s assembly hall can be rented for hobby activities. The size of the assembly hall is 60 square meters.
The hourly price of using the assembly hall for hobby activities on weekdays from Monday to Friday is € 7.00.
The hourly prices for temporary use of the assembly hall and other kindergarten rooms are established by the May 25, 2022 directive No. HA-4/35 of the Tallinn Education Department "Establishment of the hourly price for the use of the rooms and inventory of Tallinn municipal preschool child care institutions".